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This is the Home Page for
Wives and Significant Others of
 Transgendered People

What's the Idea?

    There are transgender sites all over the Web. Those of us who are part of this community--crossdressers, transvestites and transsexuals--have created pages and sites where we can express ourselves and chat with each other.

    But our loved ones have been pretty much left out of all this. Even sites that have some support for you often require you to start at a TG person's Home Page that has a beautiful (but possibly upsetting to you) photograph at the top.

    Wives, Partners, and other Significant Others, this site is for you. It is being created and maintained by a married man who crossdresses. I sincerely hope that it provides you with a friendly, non-threatening place to share your thoughts with many, many others.

What's Here?

    For starters, this site is intended as a forum, written by and for you. I run this like a moderated newsgroup, using very simple technology.

    When you click here (or on the button at the bottom of this page), you will be taken to the first SOForum page. There, you can start reading all the messages that have been posted by other wives and partners.

    How do those messages get there? If you have something you'd like to add, click here to send me Email. Or, if you prefer to use a different Email account for this purpose (like Juno), just send it to renodana@webDOTgal.com. Send any questions, comments or suggestions, too. BE SURE to put a meaningful Subject Line on your Email! I get about 150 spams a day, so anything that just says “Hi” just gets deleted without reading it.

    Then what? First, I’ll send you a quick Email asking you to confirm that you really do want your message posted.  Then, I'll take your message, strip out any identifying codes or addresses, and place it on the SOForum page. If you would like to give people your Email address or a Web URL, just include it in the body of the message--I will NOT routinely add it to the end as a signature.

    This may seem slow and clunky compared to the click-and-go speed that things tend to get done on the Web. But it's the best way I know to create a secure, friendly system. If I'm out of town, it may even take a few days to post your messages. I'll do the best I can to keep this going at a brisk pace, so it is useful to you.

    I run this on the honor system. This is a space for SO's ONLY, and probably will stay that way. I will post every message sent, verbatim, that purports itself to be coming from a wife, partner or other SO.

    A word about security: I will NOT give your email address to anyone! But I can not be responsible for anyone getting your address if you ask me to post it on your message. If you’re nervous, I highly recommend getting yourself a Hotmail or Juno account just for the purpose of communicating with your fellow Forum participants. I may occasionally send all participants an email if there’s news about this project.

    That's enough of an introduction. Shall we get started?

>>To the SO Forum!<<

    Looking for Links? I've moved them all, including those of my personal TG friends, TG and SO support pages, and anything I've found really unique or unusual, to their very own Links Page. There are NO PICTURES on this page, but there may well be on the pages they link to. If you're sensitive about viewing pictures of transgendered people, you might want to turn off your image loading. or

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